About Mount Saint Charles Academy Online

There’s an online option for every type of learner at Mount Saint Charles Academy Online. Class schedules are personalized to the needs and goals of each student, working one-on-one with a Mount school counselor.

Why Mount Online?

Convenience and Scheduling

Learn alongside in-person and other online students in our live-lesson programs using our advanced online platform. Access asynchronous classes when and where you need them. You’ll participate in lessons and exercises, learning when and where it works for you. Your classroom is wherever you need to be!

Quality and Tradition

Our programs and classes meet rigorous academic standards, and they teach the innovation, leadership, respect, and service qualities that Mount students are known for worldwide. Innovative academics are at our core, with AP, advanced, and unique classes that prepare students for success!

Personalized learning

The learning environment at Mount supports our mission of every student being known, valued & treasured. We recognize that the talents and gifts of many might prohibit them from taking part in a traditional school setting. Your schedule will be crafted to best meet your needs and teachers and counselors will coach you along the way, helping you excel and meet challenges head on.

Support all the way through

Need tutoring to grasp a difficult concept? Looking for advice on time management? Want help with college applications? Online students get the same superior level of support that in-person students do from our teachers and top-notch school counseling team, who can help you directly or connect you with the resources you need.

The Mount Experience – How it Works

1. Start here and Apply

Applying is simple: fill out our application and a member of our Admissions Team will follow up with you. This might include getting necessary documentation from you, payment information, and answering any questions you or your family may have. Online courses follow Mount’s in-person semester calendar and start at the end of August and February. The earlier you apply, the greater the chance of being able to create a schedule that meets your needs. 

2. Take a "tour" and orientation

Before the classes you enroll in start, you’ll take part in an orientation with the Director of Mount’s Online Academy to show you how the online course system works, answer questions, and introduce you to your teachers and other team members who will help you as you take part on the Mount online experience.

3. Start taking classes

When you start classes, you’ll be in live lessons with both online and in-person students, all of you learning the same curriculum, completing the same assignments, and engaging in learning experiences together. And when schedules don’t line, asynchronous classes are available. The only difference to being at Mount in person will be that you’ll be wherever you need to be.

Like our in-person students, there will be check-ins with teachers and academic assistance options available. This will help you keep connected with students and teachers and other members of the Mount community who are here to help you succeed.

4. Getting credit

Throughout the semester, you’ll get grades and feedback just like you would in a traditional school, and when the semester is over, your grades will be posted to our on-line portal.  If you’re a full-time student, your grades will be added to your transcript.  If you’re a part-time student, we’ll send your grades to your primary high school.

When it comes time to graduate, full-time students will be invited to join us for our in-person graduation alongside all of your classmates. After all, you’re a Mountie!